Mr Lil Blue Tom (aka LT)

EE RnRn aa 36.75% Blue Valentine
2008 blue roan stallion (EE RNRN aa) homozygous black, homozygous roan, no agouti gene
6 panel negative. Mr Lil Blue Tom competed successfully in Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Race with the late young cowboy, horseman and his trainer Tim Edge.
Tim also started LT in heeling for teamroping.
LT has natural cow instinct and was quickly advancing. Sadly, LT did not get to finish his
training with the loss of Tim in a tragic accident. God Bless Tim, we will always be so thankful
for him, and what he accomplished in such short time.
We offer on-site AI and shipped cool semen through the College of Veterinary Medicine at
Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS.

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Referance Stallions


Mr Blue Tom Hancock AQHA #3221363 brown roan stallion 1993 - 2009

"He is alright. Just gone for a little ride with Ray."
Tom was 15.1 hands and weighed 1275 pounds. He was homozygous for extension or black factor (EE) and carried the seal brown gene (Ata). Most of Tom's foals were blue roan, bay roan, black, or bay. Tom was originally started in a Nebraska feedlot as well as working in the arena as a head, heel, hazing and calf horse. He produced very talented and hard-working horses that proved their versatility by working and competing on ranches, roping, barrel racing and trail riding... and just about anything else they were asked to do. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to own Mr Blue Tom Hancock. His offspring have the “people friendly” personality that Blue Valentine horses are known for. They are also versatile and athletic allowing them to successfully perform in barrel racing, ranch work and as trail riding horses. Tom was more than just a stud horse. He was part of our family and is still missed every day. We feel equally fortunate to have one of his sons as our current stallion.


Blues Kingfisher

son of Blue Valentine

Owned By Charley Malher


WYO Chukkar Hayes

AQHA #4849660
2006 14.3 dun stallion
Owned by the College of Veterinary Medicine on Mississippi State University campus at present time.
Leo Hancock Hayes x WYO Blue Maid

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