Our Mares

Dun Lady Maid (Dunie)

"Dunie" is a beautiful dun roan mare with a one-of-a-kind pedigree. Rowdy Blue Man, WYO Kid Curry, Chucker Maid are just a few of the sought after bloodlines that can be found on her extended pedigree. It's getting harder to find close up Chuckkar Maid 45 on a pedigree. Plus she goes back to Texas Blue Bonnet 4 times.

Crowheart Blue Chick

"Crowheart" is 36% Blue Valentine, and another daughter of Wyatt’s. She goes back to WYO Kid Curry and Gooseberry and her dam, Blue Checotah, is out of a full sister to Gooseberry.

WYO Plenty O Blue

36% Blue Valentine. A beautiful mare by the late WYO Plenty O Blue “Wyatt” and out of a Plenty Try mare. Owned by Charley Mahler.

Blues Rapid Hayes

"Hayes" is 46.875% Blue Valentine. She is by Leo Hancock Hayes, and out of a double bred Blues Kingfisher (another son of Blue Valentine) mare. She also goes back to Rip Rip and Gooseberry.

Hoppers Blue Easter

"Easter" is by our late son of Blue Valentine, Blues Kingfisher, and out of a WYO Blue Bonnet daughter. Easter has 3 different sons of Blue Valentine on her papers plus a shot of Plenty Coup and Rip Rip

Sixshoe Blue Bonnet

"Bonnie" is by our late stallion, Mr Blue Tom Hancock and is homozygous for black like he was. She helps contribute a legacy of Blue Valentine breeding in her offspring.

Lena Santana

Lena Santana (Itty Bitty) 2007 Itty Bitty isn’t itty bitty anymore! She has certainly grown since we got her as a weanling. She goes back to Joe Hancock many times on her extended pedigree.

Blue WYO Mandy

“Mandy” is another daughter by our late stallion, Mr Blue Tom Hancock, and out of our late mare, Blue WYO Hawk. She has 4 Blue Valentine sons on her papers plus Blue Valentine himself.

Rojos Lily

Rojos Lily tested minimal roan, and shows mostly a skunk tail with only a little roaning throughout. She goes back to Blue Valentine through Blues Kingfisher and Little Bros on top and Gooseberry on the bottom. She is a female version of her sire Tom.

B Crystal Clear

B Crystal Clear. Bee is a 2009 bay roan. 36.75 Blue Valentine. She is homozygous for black and roan. She has 4 different sons of Blue Valentine on her extended papers. Blues Kingfisher, Leo Hancock Hayes, Lil Bros and Gooseberry.

Toms Doll Baby

Toms Doll Baby (Doll Baby) is a blue (and dark but) homozygous roan. She is 42+% Blue Valentine. Her dam is a daughter of Leo Hancock Hayes and is double bred Blues Kingfisher. Doll Baby has three Blue Valentine sons on her papers

Chuker Pooh Maid

Chuker Pooh Maid was DNA color tested and is a red dun with a cream gene. Pooh is 20+% Blue Valentine and 17+% Texas Blue Bonnet. There are not many high percent Texas Blue Bonnet mares around and we feel very fortunate to have this nice mare.

Nesters WYO Tigger

Tigger is a grulla, double bred WYO Blue Bonnet and Salty Roan mare. She is homozygous black and carries one copy of the roan gene.

Rowdy Jessie

Jessie is homozygous for both roan and black and goes back to Blue Valentine top and bottom. Jesse has three Blue Valentine sons on her papers.

Lil WYO Blue Maid

Lil WYO Blue Maid (Sneaky) is a beautiful dun roan. She is by our stallion Mr Lil Blue Tom and out of WYO Blue Maid. Only a few left bred like WYO Blue Maid and we think it was an awesome cross.