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Six Shoe Senior Stallion
Mr Lil Blue Tom

trail competition class
Tim and "LT"

Mr Lil Blue Tom (aka "LT")
2008 blue roan stallion, AQHA #5135679

SIRE side of pedigree   Blue Valentine
1956 0097116 roan
Red Man
  Blues Kingfisher
1977 1304911 blue roan
Beauty's Dream
  Missus Robin
1966 0457329 chestnut
Mr Blue Tom Hancock
1993 3221363 bay roan
  Little Bros
1968 0620752 roan
Blue Valentine
  Lil Crystal Clear
1980 1643552 buckskin
  Blue Easter 30
1968 0626249 dun
Mandy's Dart
    Blue Easter 6
DAM side of pedigree   WYO Blue Bonnet
1992 3135976 grullo
Leo Hancock Hayes
  WYO O Blue 1998
       3740633 grullo
Mandys Sue Hawk
  Bonnie O Blue
1991 3036467 red roan
Plenty Try
WYO Plenty O Blue
2004435064 blue roan
  Bonny 02
  Plenty Try
1982 1894414 blue roan
  Plentys Black 1994
       3329531 black
Heather Dividend
  Diane Valentine
1985 2394275 red roan
    Jenny Valentine

Mr Lil Blue Tom aka "LT" 36.75% Blue Valentine
2008 blue roan stallion (EE RNRN aa) homozygous black, homozygous roan, no agouti gene
Mr Lil Blue Tom "LT" goes back to Blue Valentine 7 times
through well respected Hancock horses including Mr Blue Tom Hancock, Blues Kingfisher, Lil Bros, Leo Hancock Hayes and Gooseberry. LT competed successfully in Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Race with the late great young cowboy trainer Tim Edge. Tim also had LT training in heeling for team roping. LT has natural cow instinct and was quickly advancing. Sadly, LT did not get to finish his training with the loss of Tim in a tragic accident. God Bless Tim, we will always be so thankful for him, and what he accomplished in such short time. Mr Lil Blue Tom breedings are available with on site AI and shipped cool semen through CVM at Mississippi State University. Call or email for more information.

competing in trail


Mr Lil Blue Tom aka "LT"


competing and training with Tim Edge  competing and training with Tim Edge
competing and training with Tim Edge

practicing with Melanie Hankins  saddled  saddled
practicing with Melanie Hankins

LT  LT  LT left side



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6 Shoe Quarter Horses

Reference Stallions
LT's daddy and granddaddy... great blessings of the past,
and as much a part of our future as when they stood here

gone but not forgotten



Mr Blue Tom Hancock AQHA #3221363
brown roan stallion
1993 - 2009
"He is alright. Just gone for a little ride with Ray."
Tom was 15.1 hands and weighed 1275 pounds. He was homozygous for extension or black factor (EE) and carried the seal brown gene (Ata). Most of Tom's foals were blue roan, bay roan, black, or bay. Tom was originally started in a Nebraska feedlot as well as working in the arena as a head, heel, hazing and calf horse. He produced very talented and hard-working horses that proved their versatility by working and competing on ranches, roping, barrel racing and trail riding... and just about anything else they were asked to do. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to own Mr Blue Tom Hancock. His offspring have the “people friendly” personality that Blue Valentine horses are known for. They are also versatile and athletic allowing them to successfully perform in barrel racing, ranch work and as trail riding horses. Tom was more than just a stud horse. He was part of our family and is still missed every day. We feel equally fortunate to have one of his sons as our current stallion.

SIRE side of pedigree
  Red Man 1935
       0001685 roan
Joe Hancock 1923
  Blue Valentine 1956
       0097116 roan
Burnett Roan Mare
  Beauty's Dream 1938
       0001391 black
Valentine 1927
  Blues Kingfisher 1977
     1304911 blue roan
  Holcak's Beauty 1933
  Reedart 1959
       0113936 sorrel
Robin Reed 1949
  Missus Robin 1966
     0457329 chestnut
Artemis 1949
  Machero 1961
       0181211 chestnut
Begger's Bar 1956
    Sweetwater 1952

DAM side of pedigree
  Blue Valentine 1956
       0097116 roan
Red Man 1935
  Little Bros 1968
       0620752 roan
Beauty's Dream 1938
  Glassy 1947
       0021974 sorrel
Patron 1940
  Lil Crystal Clear 1980
       1643552 buckskin
  Hayes' Honey 1929
  Mandy's Dart 1957
       0115141 dun
Dart Bar 1953
  Blue Easter 30 1968
       0626249 dun
Mandy II 1943
  Blue Easter 6 1958
       0096589 bay
Tom Hancock 1943
    Blue Easter 1951


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Blues Kingfisher 1977-2010
son of Blue Valentine

bred by Hyde Merritt, WY
(See more photos in Kingfisher's album on our Facebook page)

    Red Man Joe Hancock
  Blue Valentine
1956 blue roan
Burnett Roan Mare
  Beauty's Dream Valentine
Blues Kingfisher
1977 blue roan
  Holcak's Beauty
  Reedart Robin Reed by Leo
  Missus Robin
1966 chestnut
  Machero Beggers Bar


WYO Blue Bonnet
1992-2012 grullo roan
(Leo Hancock Hayes X Mandys Sue Hawk)
Merritt Quarter Horses
Ft. Collins, CO
WYO Chukkar Hayes (Pete)

WYO Chukkar Hayes “Pete”
AQHA #4849660
2006 14.3 dun stallion
Leo Hancock Hayes X WYO Blue Maid
stationed at the CVM campus

Junior Hayes Hancock

Junior Hayes Hancock "JR"
2007 brown stallion, 46.875% Blue Valentine
Leo Hancock Hayes X Miss Rapid Hancock
(in Nebraska w/ Charley)

Royal Blue Hancock (Bones)

Royal Blue Hancock "Bones"
1993 blue roan
Sire: Hancocks Blue Boy
Dam: Miss Hydy Girl by Blue Valentine




Blues Kingfisher
Junior Hayes Hancock
Royal Blue Hancock
were owned by:

    Charley Mahler            
Allen, Nebraska



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Lee and Mary Scruggs
6722 Henryville Road
Pheba, Mississippi 39755

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"I'd like to help the human understand how much less he can use and how much more he can get done. The human is so busy working on the horse, that he doesn't allow the horse to learn. They need to quit working on the horse and start working on themselves. They might get it done, but they don't get it done with the horse in the right frame of mind. The horse usually gets the job done in spite of us, not because of us."

-~- Ray Hunt

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