Blues Kingfisher


Own son of Blue Valentine


Red Man 1935  roan  H- 0.0  P- 2.0
NCHA money-earner
ROM Performance, '43 Race; '52 ROM
NCHA Get Money-earners
Race Get Money-earners
ROM Performance Sire
Race ROM Sire
Halter Point Earner Sire
Hall of Fame Sire, NCHA

Joe Hancock 1923 brown
Hall of Fame, '92 AQHA Inductee
Race Get Money-earners
ROM Performance Sire
Race ROM Sire
Performance Point Earner Sire

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Blue Valentine 1956
  blue roan   H- 0.0  P- 1.0
Race Get Money-earners
Performance Point Earner Sire

Burnett Roan Mare


Beauty's Dream 1938
black 65 4 0 0 1 $ 0     

Valentine 1927

Blues Kingfisher 1977
blue roan
Bred by Hyde Merritt, WY
Sire of 70% colored foals


Holcak's Beauty 1933


Reedart 1959

Robin Reed  1949 by Leo
 sorrel 100 42 12 9 4 $ 11,226 
AQHA Champion Sire
Race ROM Sire
'53 Superior RC Horse
Halter Point Earner Sire    


Missus Robin 1966

Artemis 1949
sorrel 85 7 1 0 0 $ 511     


Machero 1961

Begger's Bar 1956



Sweetwater 1952

Photos by LeeAnn Helms, 2007.

Photos taken in 2005.

Kingfisher (left) with Rosie, and (right) recent daughters of Blues Kingfisher

Kingfisher playing with a son of Leo Hancock Hayes.

Blues Kingfisher was owned by:

Charley Mahler
7326 Highway 9
Allen, Nebraska  68710

As time goes on, all the little things will fall into line. A lot of times, it is darkest before the dawn. Sometimes the horse might get a little worse before it gets better. We should be adjusting to fit the horse. Fix it up and let it work. You can't make it happen and you can't put a time limit on it. Sometimes the slower you go, the faster you learn.

---Ray Hunt


6 Shoe Quarter Horses

6722 Henryville Road
Pheba, MS 39755

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