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Tim and Mr Lil Blue Tom
Tim and Mr Lil Blue Tom (aka "LT")

Welcome to 6 Shoe Quarter Horses in Mississippi. Our specialty is raising Hancock and Blue Valentine-bred, using type quarter horses with family type personalities. Most of our foals are blue, bay or brown roan or gray. It has often been said that the only top cowboys not riding Hancock horses were those who couldn’t get their hands on one. Well, we're working to give YOU the opportunity to put yourself on a Hancock horse... Visit our "For Sale" album on our Facebook page to see current photos of foals and performance prospects that we have offered for sale.

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Mr Lil Blue Tom and Tim
Tim and "LT"

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6Shoe QHs History

BlueValentine ridden by Hyde Merritt in the 1970 Cheyenne Rodeo
BlueValentine ridden by Hyde Merritt in the 1970 Cheyenne Rodeo

why Hancocks? Hancock bloodlines? Blue Valentine, a grandson of Joe Hancock, was an excellent steer tripping and roping horse. He was a predominant sire of world-class rodeo and working horses, whose names can be found in the ProRodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame alongside their world champion owners, and who have carried their riders to big wins in associations ranging from Little Britches Rodeo to the USTRC.


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Our Reference Stallions

Mr Blue Tom Hancock and Blues Kingfisher

6 Shoe Quarter Horses began our Hancock program with 2 well-known blue roan stallions:
The late Mr Blue Tom Hancock, and his sire, the late Blues Kingfisher, son of Blue Valentine.
LT, our senior stallion, is a son and grandson of these two. See more on the stallion page.

Mr Blue Tom Hancock
Mr Blue Tom Hancock 1993-2009

Blues Kingfisher
Blues Kingfisher 1977-2010
Special thanks to Lee Ann Helms for helping us with many of the photos on our web site.


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6 Shoe Quarter Horses sign
Lee and Mary Scruggs
6722 Henryville Road
Pheba, Mississippi 39755

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As time goes on, all the little things will fall into line. A lot of times, it is darkest before the dawn. Sometimes the horse might get a little worse before it gets better. We should be adjusting to fit the horse. Fix it up and let it work. You can't make it happen and you can't put a time limit on it. Sometimes the slower you go, the faster you learn.

-~- Ray Hunt

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